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“Ben has an awesome team and delivered a top notch product given a very short timeframe. I can only imagine how much better it could have been, if we had given his team more time.”

- John Love, Managing Director, Love and Co.



“We had the model brought in and it looked amazing! Thank you Ben and the Folium team for your awesome efforts! Will definitely be recommending Folium and will be reaching out to you again for any future jobs!”

- Rachel Hur, Guymer Bailey Architects



“Folium produced a fantastic model for our development in Northcote which has become one of the centrepieces for our display suite. The team were professional and managed to accommodate all changes within the original timings. The team also went above and beyond to deliver and do a repair to the model after installation. Would highly recommend Folium to any company considering a 3D physical model”

- Andrew Crichton, Marketing Manager, Pace Development Group



“On behalf of the team at K2LD, I would like to thank Folium for their efforts in producing a fantastic model. We are very happy and impressed with the model produced. The attention to detail is excellent and the quality is superb. Folium was very helpful, communicative and professional throughout the process and delivered the model on time despite the tight schedule. We look forward to working with the team again in the future and would be happy to recommend Folium to anyone looking for a model to impress!”

- Jasmine Heo, K2LD Architects



Thank you Folium, we are thrilled with our 3D model. Folium has been very helpful throughout the project and the team have been friendly and easy to work with. Folium take great pride in their work, and they should as the end product is fantastic. Would recommend them to anyone considering building a model. People love to look at the model as they pass through reception.”

- Gemma Egelton, University College, University of Melbourne Community Relations and Development Manager



“The team at Folium worked with MAB Corporation on our most daring project to date. With the help of their 3D printing technology we were able to accurately build a full scale model of our Banksia building. Beyond the quality finish and service, Folium worked closely with our rendering company and architects to ensure the process went as smoothly as possible and the project was delivered on time."

- Mario Ferreira, Project Marketing Manager, MAB Corporation



“Intraland first approached Folium to assist in the preparation of a detailed 3D printed model for our new high-end apartment development project. Being new to this technology with only a vague understanding of the 3D market, we were apprehensive in the beginning. However, Folium were very engaging and informative in their explanation of the entire manufacturing process. Tasked with a detailed set of plans and a tight deadline, Folium delivered a very authentic scale of our development which will become integral to our marketing and sales over the coming months. We would definitely consider the services of Folium for any of our future projects."

- Rohan Letho, Director, Intraland



“Being a high-end builder specialising in exclusive architectural developments, we had high expectations. Coupled with this, Folium were given a tight deadline. They delivered on time and surpassed all expectations. Folium were very proactive, communicative and displayed a high level of professionalism. Look forward to working with you on the next one.”  

- Josh Sia, Element Five



“Despite a tight schedule and a substantial list of requirements, Folium delivered on time and were professional, dedicated and communicative. The final model produced was impressive, detailed and beyond expectations. We are extremely happy with the results and look forward to working with Folium in the future.”

- Andy Liu, Elenberg Fraser



“We wanted a visually engaging way to present our vision for a new international cricket stadium in PNG to government and corporates in the country. After discussions with Folium they suggested a 3D model and we worked together to develop a blueprint for the final design.  Throughout the process, Folium checked in regularly and were always responsive to feedback to make sure our needs were met.  The model now sits proudly in the Cricket PNG offices in Port Moresby and has been used in numerous presentations to potential funders. It is often the centrepiece in the room and we’re extremely happy with the professional work Folium did to make it the attention-grabbing success it has been!”

Kieran McMillan, Regional Development Manager, East Asia-Pacific International Cricket Council



"A huge dilemma was solved by a simple email to Folium. Some 10 months later TOP SCORE™ training aid is being pitched to the cricketing market. TOP SCORE™ comes in sets of two – one for each hand. The batting aid is worn over the thumb webbing of both hands inside the batting glove and is available in five sizes.

The original enquiry concerned making a ‘mirror’ for the opposite hand and whether molds could be produced and resized. The only thing that Folium was given to work on was a rough clay model formed between my right forefinger and thumb.

Throughout the whole process Folium worked closely with me and the manufacturer through a number of design changes – comfort (ergonomics), addition of ribs on the face, L and R text, addition of ribs on the back, making user friendly molds for tooling and dies for injection molding – using only verbal specifications. This made their work super impressive in terms of skill, observation, attention to detail and depth of analysis.

I can’t say how happy I am with the final product. It far exceeded expectations. I doubt that any another company could have produced a similar outcome with the same level of professionalism and service for such a small punter."

- David Nicol, Cricket Australia High Performance Coach and TOP SCORE® Designer



"Caydon commissioned Folium to prepare a detailed 3D printed model for a new project. We had not used the technology before and were unsure whether the result would be up to expectations, so Folium went out of their way to prepare a significant prototype that allowed us to view the detail and quality at a larger scale. Folium were focused and enthusiastic throughout the entire process and delivered a professional model within a tight schedule. We would be very pleased to work with the team again."

- Jasmine Woodward, Marketing Manager, Caydon