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                 Case Study: Andrew Maynard Architects                           "Tower House"         

Located in Alphington, Tower House is a fantastic project by Andrew Maynard Architects.  As Andrew Maynard Architects find themselves with less time to hand-make their models, they found it very beneficial to engage the services of Folium to produce a realistic scale model of Tower House. With the ease of simply sending through their design to Folium, Andrew Maynard Architects were left with more time to focus on what they do best - designing award-winning and innovative architecture.

This is what Maynard Architects had to say about the completed scale model and working with Folium:

"We find ourselves with less time to hand-make study models, yet as part of our process we work up 3D computer models. It is therefore quite efficient to send our computer models to print. It was very beneficial being able to simply send our model, and leave it to Folium to work up the detail."

"We were very impressed by the model. The resolution was quite fine, and the consistent high quality finish was exactly what we were hoping for. The effect of the shingles (which Folium modelled from scratch) is particularly useful in communicating the materiality of the project."

"We had a great experience working with Folium and were very impressed by the finished models. As well as the quality of the final printed model, the service provided by Folium was particularly good. Folium were very easy to work with, being both prompt with the work and effective at communicating the working process.  I am sure Folium will continue to build great working relationships with architects across Melbourne."

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