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                      Case Study: Bojan Simic Architecture                 "Templestowe Project" 

Bojan Simic Architecture is a boutique firm of committed design professionals with a strong design ethic. They are committed to creating built environments that challenge expectations and provoke new ways of seeing and inhabiting residential buildings of contemporary Australia. Located in Templestowe, their project is an exploration of the sculptural possibilities of architectural form exploiting the strengths and challenging the limitations of site specific materials such as 'off form' concrete.

The Templestowe project incorporates complex and intricate non-linear forms which can be difficult to communicate to clients and municipal authorities via conventional 2 dimensional drawings. The 3 dimensional model by Folium assisted Bojan Simic Architecture in enabling the client and the municipal authority to fully comprehend the design proposal as part of the approvals process. The clean lines and accuracy of the Folium scale model expertly communicated the complex built form which resulted in Bojan Simic Architecture securing unconditional planning approval.

This is what Bojan Simic Architecture had to say about Folium:

"Our office is currently in negotiations with existing and new clients who have expressed interest in exploring 3D printed models by Folium based on the strength of the Templestowe project, which we display proudly in the studio, as well as the demonstrable benefits the model provided throughout the approvals process."

"While clients are mindful of the financial investment required to produce elaborate 3D printed models, the potential benefits in streamlining the approvals process as well as the marketing potential it offers to new developments makes it a sound investment."

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