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How Will You Present your Project?

Display Suite Models

Display suite models are designed to impress and engage. Naturally, they create a focal-point within any display suite, and as such it is important the appropriate care and attention is taken to get them right - they are a crucial indication of the quality of your future project.

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Site / Masterplan Models

Site and masterplan models provide a physical tangibility to large projects that cannot be understood by 2D maps and diagrams alone. Site models allow viewers to understand the distance and scale of key areas of an environment. A quality site model engages the viewer, allowing them to imagine how their lifestyle will be enhanced by the wider scope of your project.

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DA Models

DA (Development Application) models are an effective way to communicate to stakeholders exactly how your design compliments its surrounding environment. As such, they are increasingly becoming a mandated requirement by many councils - even for small developments and duplexes. Specifications for DA models vary dramatically between councils, and Folium makes it a priority to work in-line with the specific council in which your project is located - Australia wide.

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Architectural and Massing Models

Although they are generally presented in white, or with a minimal colour-palette, it is important not to understimate the value architectural massing models bring to the earlier stages of a project. Many architects now outsource this component of their work to a professional model-maker who has access to techniques and technologies that are simply not practical in a typical architectural practice.

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